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Showing Consultations

When you have to move forward quickly.
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Showing Consultations

In a fast-paced housing market, some buyers are choosing to forego their right to a home inspection.  While we as home inspectors always believe that having the most information available is the best practice, we do understand that sometimes time is of the essence.  So, in order to provide some general information on the home we are offering Showing Consultations

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What is it?

First and foremost a Showing Consultation is not a home inspection.  Our inspector will accompany you to a showing of the home.  Typically these showings are 60 minutes or less.  We will be looking at the interior and exterior components of the home, albeit at a quick pace given the limited time.


The cost of Showing Consultation is $200.00 (6o minutes).  If you have back-to-back showings within 5 miles of each other the additional properties will be $100.00 each for 6o minutes.

No Report

A report will not be generated for a Showing Consultation.  The client is encouraged to take notes as needed.


The only tools used by our inspector will be a flashlight and binoculars.  This isn’t a home inspection, so no panels will be opened, the attic will not be looked at, and no testing devices will be used.

Who sets this up?

Call our office at 651-641-0641 to request a Showing Consultation.  We will not set up the showing.  The showing will be set up by the clients agent, and they should also inform the sellers and their agent that a home inspector will be accompany them to the showing, but will only be there for a consultation and will not be performing a home inspection.  We will verify the availability of our inspector for the requested showing with the clients agent.

ASHI and Showing Consultations

Because this Showing Consultation in no way resembles a home inspection, the standards of ASHI (Amercian Society of Home Inspectors) do not apply.  The Standards are something we follow when doing a home inspection, and because this is a consultation and not an inspection the Standards do not cover this.  We strongly encourage any property that is purchased to have a professional home inspection done and that these Standards be followed during that inspection.  Again, this consultation will not, and does not cover everything that a home inspection would.  It’s intent is to give you a general overview of the property to help you make decisions accordingly in regard to the property.

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