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Sewer Line Inspections

Sewer pipes on the stone facade of a building

Sewer Inspections

Sewer line video inspection is a cost-effective method for diagnosing problems within a drain, especially a large drain like a main sewer line. Using video equipment to look inside the drainpipe, we can more accurately identify and locate blockages or damage.

Inspecta-Homes offers sewer line inspections as an add-on service to our General Home Inspections.  These are provided through a third party but gives you the ease of scheduling and payment through Inspecta-Homes.

We recommend sewer scoping on all homes new or old, but typically the larger problems are discovered in older homes, with multiple types of older sewer lines and larger trees that are or could have been around the sewer line.  The homeowner is typically responsible for the sewer line starting from its connection to the city sewer under the street.  If there is a problem under the street, it can be quite costly to repair.  So for a nominal fee you can have the peace of mind of what you’re buying is in good condition and if it isn’t you have that knowledge to negotiate the fix.   The inspection can also show areas that may require annual maintenance.

Reasons to have a sewer video inspection

  • To find out the exact place of a clog or issue in order to limit the amount of digging to fix a problem
  • Before purchasing a new home or property—understanding costly sewer issues before buying property can save you thousands of dollars
  • If your sewer line backs up twice within a two-year period—using video inspection equipment can determine whether you have a bigger problem that needs to be addressed

Digital record of inspection

When we use video inspection on a sewer line, we record what we see and will provide a digital copy of the procedure. This allows you to see the problem for yourself, and have it to show during negotiations or when having estimates for the repairs quoted.  In addition to keeping a copy of the inspection, you will also receive a report detailing potential problems, their severity and exact location.