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Buyer Inspection

Whether this is your first home purchase or your fifth, buying a home is always a major decision.  Inspecta-Homes can help you make an educated decision based on accurate information.  You can use the data from our home inspection to move forward with confidence, wait for a property that you are more comfortable with or to just have a jump start on your honey-do list when you move in! 

When to inspect?

There are many different times when a buyer can have one of our inspectors out.  We can come out when you first see the house with one of our Showing Consultations, after your offer has been accepted during an inspection contingency period, a pre-close walk-thru, and we can even come out after you’ve moved in!  We are here when you need us for education on your future home or the one you just bought!


Our inspections cover the entire house and its systems using the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) Standards.  A home inspection is a visible inspection, but we do use some tools that help us dig a little deeper without being invasive such as infrared cameras and moisture meters.

What do you find?

All homes have some issues.  Some are big and some are small.  We take pride in letting you know about the house in a manner that is not alarming, is fact based, and will put things into context so good decisions can be made.   Sometimes we may recommend that something be looked at by a professional in that specific area of the home.  Usually in these cases it involves a larger correction that should be made and finding out the scope of work and possible costs are very important before you move forward on the property. 

The report

A full written report will be provided to you online with photos, videos and links to useful information for now and in the future.  After receiving the report you should speak with your real estate professional about how you would like to move forward and let you inspector know if you have any questions or need clarification.  We will never tell you if you should or shouldn’t move forward with the purchase of the home because we don’t know your specific circumstance, but with our years of experience we can help put the house in perspective and let you decide what you’d like to do.  Here is a sample of our report.

Photo: For Sale Sign of House

Pre-Listing Inspections

Selling your home? Have us out to inspect it before you list it!

One of the most stressful times when selling your home is when the buyer has their inspector come in.  You must stay out of your house for 4 hours or more.  You have the fear of ‘what will they find?’, and the worry that the deal may fall apart if the buyers don’t like something the inspector finds.  Why have all that anxiety?  A pre-listing inspection can bring things to your attention that come up on a home inspection and you can take care of them ahead of time.  This can save time on the backend and give you some piece of mind. 

More money? More offers?

When you provide potential buyers with a professional home inspection report from Inspecta-Homes, it will show that you are being transparent and up front with the condition of the home.  Buyers may feel more confident in the offer they put in and may even offer more money knowing the condition.  The buyer may ask for their own inspection, but they may forego that inspection because you’ve already provided them with an unbiased third-party report from Inspecta-Homes. Here is a sample of our report.