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Environmental and Moisture Testing

Doing Moisture Meter Test on a Wall

Inspecta-Homes offers other testing that goes beyond the scope of what a general home inspection covers.  Are you considering buying a home with a stucco exterior?  You may want to have invasive moisture testing done.  You may have certain allergies or air quality concerns and want a mold test done.  Below are some additional types of inspections you may consider that will help you make the best decisions regarding your home.

Mold Inspection

Three air and/or swab samples are collected from the home.  A written report is provided with the findings of the samples.  The report will explain where the samples were taken and what was found and what that means for you.

Stucco Testing

This can be done on one wall of the home or the entire house.  Stucco or stucco type exterior finishes can hide moisture issues.  Your home inspector may find things that would indicate potential issues with drainage off the roof or missing components that help keep the walls dry.  This type of testing is invasive and would require permission from the owner of the home to complete.  This includes a written report showing the various areas tested, and the levels of moisture in those testing areas.  A sample report can be viewed here.

Wood Foundation Inspection

Some houses will have a wood foundation instead of concrete or other masonry type foundations.   The biggest danger to a wood foundation is the drainage around the house.  A wood foundation inspection will look at that drainage and test the wood for levels of moisture.  This is an invasive test and would require permission from the owner of the home to complete. Sample Report.

Water Testing

Our Safe Water Sample Package includes testing for Bacteria, Nitrates & Arsenic, additional metal testing is optional for Lead, Copper, Iron & Manganese. We draw fully flushed water samples from either an exterior spigot or a kitchen sink to test for source contaminants. We same day drop samples at the lab for processing and reports are available in 1-3 business days depending on the number of contaminants being tested. A sample report can be viewed here.