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Chimney Inspections

Photo: House Chimney

What is a chimney inspection?

A chimney inspection is an evaluation of the interior and exterior portions of the chimney.

Chimney inspections are often the first way to identify areas of damage or deterioration, structural problems, or other structural issues. Chimney inspections are also an important diagnostic tool. This is because it finds the cause of long-term performance problems. Many problems such as drafting, leaks, and animal entry are common.  A general home inspection provides a look at the exterior portions of a chimney, but not the parts not readily visible.  That’s why a level two chimney inspection is always recommended on a chimney that will be used for wood burning.

Level Two chimney inspections

There are three levels of chimney inspection. Also, the level of chimney inspection your home needs will depend on a few things. These include use, condition, damage, changes to the system, and time since the last inspection. Level one inspections are a basic part of regular annual maintenance. They are used for fireplaces with no changes or performance issues.

Level Two chimney inspections are between Level one and Level three. They offer homeowners a more in-depth analysis of the chimney system, without being invasive or damaging. These inspections use a camera to see the flue between the fireplace and exit point of the chimney.  Cameras allow chimney inspectors to fully evaluate the entirety of your chimney system. This includes the difficult to reach areas in the flue.  A sample of our level two chimney inspection can be found here.

Level three inspections are the most intensive. They typically involve removing a portion of the masonry or surrounding walls. Due to this, Level Three inspections are only recommended in the event of extreme causes and are sometimes warranted based on the the results of a Level two inspection.

Buying a house with a fireplace?  Make sure you get a level two inspection done!  Discounts apply for houses with multiple fireplaces!