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The Inspection Process

The Inspection Process

​​We make having a home inspection as painless as possible at Inspecta-Homes.  You can book your home inspection, city evaluation or any of our other great services in a couple of minutes!  You can call our office, book online, use the chat feature on our website or send us a text!  We will be sure to answer all of your questions and get the information we need in order to take care of you!

After the job is scheduled, you will start to receive some emails and texts outlining the next steps you may need to do as well as reminders along the way up to the time of the inspection.

Buyer Inspection:  

Our inspector will arrive at the property and start their inspection at the scheduled time.  We ask that the clients and their agent arrive at the property 2.5-3 hours after the start of the inspection.  This gives the inspector time to get all, if not most of the property inspected so they can give an overview.  This review of the property should last about 30 minutes and is a chance to ask questions and get a better understanding of the house.  The inspector will get a written report uploaded later that day or by the next morning at the latest.

City Evaluation:  

The evaluator will arrive at the scheduled time and start the evaluation.  Typically, these evaluations will last 45-60 minutes. The evaluator will go over any items that need to be corrected and what the next steps will be if the seller is at the home during the evaluation. A report will be submitted to the city and a copy will be sent to the client and their agent. 

Note: In Minneapolis any house built in 1980 or before requires an energy audit to be done as part of the evaluation.  This involves drilling a 2” hole in an interior wall to see the insulation in the wall.  Typically, this hole is made in a closet or somewhere that isn’t as visible.  We cap the hole with a white plastic plug after evaluating the insulation.  

After you have received the report, please review it and if you have any questions please reach out to your inspector or evaluator and they can help with answers!