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Outdoor Home Maintenance Tips

Yard and Grounds Schedule

  •  Fill in low areas around the foundation so water will drain away from the house
  • Check all steps, sidewalks and railings, repair if needed
  • Clean out window wells, check any retaining walls
  • Check trash cans and lids, replace or add extras as needed
  • Remove small trees and seedlings growing along foundation (also around garage)
  • Patch worn sections of driveways and coat asphalt with sealer
  • Prune branches of trees growing near roof (check tress near garage also)


  • Check ALL the roof for damage or wear, especially valleys, use binoculars and/or look from the neighbors upper floor windows
  • Check gutters for leaks, loose areas, damage and disconnected downspouts
  • Clean gutters and down spouts, check extensions or splash blocks (very important)
  • Check chimney for loose bricks, gaps in mortar, other damage (use binoculars)
  • Check eaves for squirrel holes, bird nests, peeling paint, loose boards


  • Check foundation for loose or missing mortar, cracks, crumbling
  • Check wall surfaces for loose or peeling paint, cracks, loose siding, stucco
  • Check trim surfaces for loose or peeling paint, decay, loose boards
  • Check hose bibs (faucets) for leaks
  • Check caulking around pipes, vents and other wall penetrations

Doors and Windows

  • Check storm doors, storm windows and screens for operation, fit, decay, damage
  • Check caulking around window and door frames, all other gaps or concerns
  • Check storm doors, storm windows and screens for operation, fit, decay, damage

Electric Outlets and Fixtures

  • Check weatherproof covers on exposed outlets, fixtures and switches
  • Contact power company if branches interfere with power lines to house
  • Clean leaves and other debris from around air conditioner unit (turn power off)
  • All overhead wires securely fastened to build and 10' above the ground (12' above the driveway), contact the power company if problems are visible


  • Check roof, grade, walls, install rear address numbers if lacking
  • Check doors for good fit and proper operation, lubricate if needed
  • Check locks, windows and electric fixtures