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Benefits of an Inspection

Benefits of Home Inspection

A home is typically the largest purchase anyone will make.  When you look at house at that first showing, you envision where your furniture will go, what color you are going to paint a room, and perhaps planning your first big dinner party!   What about all the other things that go into making the house function?   How is the water volume on the upper floors?  Is the furnace in good shape?  What are all those pipes and valves in the basement?  Inspecta-Homes can help with all those questions.

 A home inspection captures the condition of the house and its components at the time of the inspection.  A professional home inspection is the best way to find out about its systems.  We will look at the home from top to bottom and test all the items we can access.  We look at all those pipes in the basement and will tell you what they do, and what it means for you as the homeowner.   What maintenance needs to be done periodically?  We’ll tell you that.  What does that valve do?  We’ll tell you that.  When you use Inspecta-Homes you are working with the first inspection company in Minnesota, that has been in business for over 40 years and has some of the most experienced inspectors in the state.

What does that experience mean?

When a home inspector looks at your house they are examining it independently, and how it is functioning.  They also are using all those years of experiences and 1000’s of homes they have looked at and will know what they typically see in different ages and types of homes and how this house compares.  Is that staining in the attic from a leak?  Is it from bad ventilation?  Is that normal?  Our experienced inspectors can put things in the proper perspective for each house because of their experience and knowledge.  Let our inspectors educate you on the house so you can make an informed decision on what is probably the biggest purchase in your life.