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Frequently Asked Questions

About Home Inspections

I'm buying a home in Minnesota. Can I have the home checked for RADON?

Yes, please discuss this with us prior to your scheduled inspection. Also, let us know about your other special concerns at the same time, so we may make any required special arrangements in advance.

Should I be there at the time of the inspection?

We ask that you arrive at the inspection three hours after the start of the inspection unless you have been instructed by the inspector differently. This allows the inspector uninterrupted time to inspect the property and prepare their thoughts for the review of the property upon your arrival.

How long should I plan to spend at the inspection?

Typically the walk-through at the conclusion of the inspection will last about 30 minutes.

When will I receive the written report?

You will have it within 24 hours, but typically you will receive the report that night or the next morning.

What will be included in the report?

As applicable, condition of the structure, basement, heating and cooling systems, plumbing, bathrooms, electrical, kitchen, attic, interior and exterior walls, windows, doors, roofing, grounds and more will be contained in the written report.

When should I request a Home Inspection?

As soon as possible after you become aware that you want one is the time to call. Normally, this happens when a seller accepts a buyer’s offer. There is usually a contingency built into the offer allowing for a Home Inspection, within a limited number of days. Call us as soon as possible.

When may I have my Home Inspection?

Monday-Saturday, during daylight hours. Occasionally we will schedule inspections on Sunday (by request). At Inspecta-Homes, we put you first. We try to schedule inspections at your convenience.

What should I do if the Home Inspector finds a problem?

As much as we would like it to be, no home is perfect. The Home Inspector may find defects which you did not notice when you first viewed the home. Most such defects can be readily cured or tolerated as is. Seldom would one of the defects be reason not to purchase the home. You should discuss any defect with the Home Inspector. Then you should talk with your Real Estate professional. He or she is trained to advise you on such matters.

How is a Home Inspection different from a Showing Consultation?

We know in this competitive market decisions have to be made quickly. A full home inspection is always going to give you more information than other types of evaluations and is always preferred and recommended on what is usually the largest purchase you will make. A Showing Consultation is where an inspector will accompany you to your showing of the home set up by your agent. The inspector will look at components you would like to him to look at or do a general walk-though and give you their opinions. The time is limited to your showing time frame and is charged in 30 minute increments. The only tool the inspector uses is a flashlight. In comparison, a Home Inspection typically takes 3-4 hours and includes a much more in depth look at the property, including testing items, opening up panels, inspecting the attic and roof areas.