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Meet Our Founder

Chuck Blixt co-founded Inspecta-Homes of America, Inc., in 1981. It was the first private residential building inspection service in Minnesota, northern Iowa and northwestern Wisconsin. His business background, education and experience in the construction and real estate fields prepared Chuck well for the inspection business in 1975-76, when the City of Minneapolis licensed him as one of the original Truth-In-Sale-of-Housing Evaluators. Since then he has been continuously and actively involved in, and is acknowledged as a pioneer in all aspects of the residential building inspection business.
Inspecta Homes Co-Founder

Chuck Blixt

Chuck Blixt, Inspecta Homes FounderOver the years Chuck has taken many related courses offered by manufacturers, trade associations and various technical schools and colleges including specialized training and certification from the University of Minnesota, Georgia Tech University, Minnesota Department of Health, and several other governmental agencies and departments. He has been approved by the Minnesota Department of Commerce to offer continuing education courses for Real Estate Appraisers, Real Estate and Insurance Agents. He has conducted state-authorized training for Residential and Remodeling Contractor licensing and builder courses on the Minnesota Energy Code. He was approved as a FHA 203(k) Consultant in 1994 and has been performing component certification for both FHA insured and private mortgages since the mid 1980’s.

ASHI Certified

In 1982, he qualified to become a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors, Inc. (ASHI) and holds ASHI Membership Certificate #280. He was one of the first members of this prestigious organization in this area of the United States and has served on the ASHI National Board of Directors, Council of Representatives and has been Chairman of the ASHI Insurance Committee.

Chuck became an early member (#30) of the Great Lakes Chapter (GLC) of ASHI, and served as its Vice-president. He helped to charter and served as the first President of the Heartland Chapter of ASHI, which serves inspectors in Minnesota and adjoining states.

First MSHI President

In 1978, he CO-founded and became the first president of the Minnesota Society of Housing Inspectors (MSHI). This organization was established to serve licensed Truth-In-Sale of Housing Evaluators in Minneapolis and later St. Paul. These city mandated Truth-In-Housing evaluations prompted many sellers to have private inspections of the suburban homes they were about to purchase. Lacking any uniform standards to perform such private inspections, Chuck and several other inspectors became aware that ASHI had such standards and they applied for membership into ASHI. For about 10 years Chuck and several other ASHI inspectors were the only voice of professional residential building inspections in the area. In 1984, Chuck and one of his partners developed the concept of offering uniform residential home inspections done solely for the relocation industry through a network of independent ASHI inspectors brokered through a central office. In 1987 he helped establish and became president of the National Association of Home Inspectors, Inc. (NAHI) a Risk Retention Group, under new federal laws, so as to acquire adequate and reasonable errors and omissions insurance for home inspectors nationwide.

Keeping up with the ASHI and MSHI Codes of Ethics Today

Inspecta-Homes is an ASHI Member
Inspecta-Homes BBB A+ Rating

Chuck and his company, Inspecta-Homes of America, Inc., continue to promote and perform residential inspections in accordance with the ASHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics throughout greater Minnesota and adjacent states. Inspecta-Homes also offers a full range of specialized inspection services, including, but not limited to Truth-In-Sale of Housing or Time-of-Sale Evaluations in all of the Twin Cities area communities that require them, multiple family dwelling unit inspections for both investors and mortgage companies, customized inspections of light commercial buildings, pest inspections and other services for the seller, buyer, investor and mortgage lenders.