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Top Seven Benefits of Doing a Pre-Listing Inspection

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Thinking of selling your home? Prior to listing it, you can increase your chances of a smooth, swift sales process by contracting Inspecta-Homes for a pre-listing inspection report near St. Paul. As a proud member of the Society of Home Inspectors, we have the tools and the experience to deliver exactly what you need.

Here are the top seven benefits of doing a pre-listing home inspection:

#1: Eliminate Surprises

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t like surprises (or at least, surprises related to a home for sale), having your home pre-inspected can help. There will be less issues for your agent and the buyer’s real estate agent to hash through, and “11th-hour surprises” will be minimalized. Plus, the potential buyers might even waive their own inspection.

#2: Added Flexibility

A pre-listing home inspection gives you the opportunity to complete any repairs ahead of time, putting you in a position to offer the buyers full disclosure during negotiations. Moreover, you’ll have the flexibility to solicit bids for the things that need to be repaired or replaced, helping you spend your money wisely.

#3: Extra Time

Many real estate professionals endorse a pre-listing inspection because it provides them with extra time to review your home and hone in on areas that could be improved. The aim is to increase your home’s appeal and potentially increase the sale price. In fact, you and your agent might do such a good job of establishing across-the-board quality that the buyer’s inspection is rendered inconsequential.

#4: Faster Financing

A professional home inspection done before listing offers an important benefit to the buyer: the chance to show the bank/financial institution that a third-party (the home inspector) has reviewed and confirmed the home’s condition before an offer has been made. It’s not uncommon for this step to generate a faster response from the bank in terms of obtaining financing.

#5: More Options

When a seller takes a proactive approach to inspection services, they have more options in terms of which company they want to undertake the inspection. Also, the seller is able to take a more active role in the inspection process by furnishing a more detailed explanation for the condition of walls, roofing, appliances, etc., as well as offering paperwork and dates pertaining to when improvements were made and when certain equipment (AC unit, trash compactor, furnace, etc.) was last serviced.

#6: Better Pricing

Enlisting a home inspector on the front end and commissioning a pre-listing inspection is of benefit to the seller’s agent, who may be able to raise the asking price based on the improvements and repairs made at the inspector’s recommendation.

#7: Less Stress

A pre-listing inspection is beneficial if you have doubts about your home that you’d prefer not to wait and resolve post-listing. Getting ahead of the game and having a complete understanding of your home’s condition is a big boon to your piece of mind and can give you and your agent confidence as you move into the pricing phase.

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