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Five Things to Scrutinize before Buying a Home

Photo: New house under construction

Before buying a house near St. Paul, you’ll want to thoroughly research the home and the neighborhood. Here are five important things to scrutinize.

Assess the roof

In a state like Minnesota where winters are harsh, a sturdy roof is essential. As such, you’ll want to get a close look at the roof of the house you’re thinking of buying. A thorough inspection of the shingles and the roofing will reveal whether anything is damaged, the extent of the damage.  Along with assessing the roof from the outside, go inside the home and look for water stains in the ceilings of the upstairs rooms. If present, these are evidence of a possible leaky roof, which can be a costly repair.

Examine everything

When buying a home, it’s expected that the prospective buyer(s) will want to ensure that everything works, whether it’s a complex item like an appliance or a simple accessory like a doorknob. This is the philosophy that Inspecta-Homes adheres to as part of its property inspection service, and you should do the same. Open and close the home’s windows, and do the same with the cabinets and doors. Turn the the doorknobs and flip  light switches. Go up and down the stairs a few times and test the garage door. Doing these small things can start giving you clues about the house.

Get to know the neighborhood

Everything looks better in the light of day, but nighttime may reveal something else entirely. This is true for neighborhoods, which can seem idyllic in midday when nobody’s home and things are quiet. In order to get a full sense of the neighborhood you’re thinking of moving to, make several trips to the area and visit at different times.

Water is key

Testing the faucets in a new home means not just confirming whether the faucet works or not, but gauging the water pressure and evaluating the water’s color. Regardless of where the faucet is in the house, the pressure should be consistent and there shouldn’t be a tinge of brown in the water. If the water pressure and/or color don’t pass muster, there could be a few different reasons why.  Your Inspecta-Homes inspector can talk to you about these items during your inspection.

Another step to take regarding faucets is to look under the home’s sinks and inspect the surrounding floor. What do you see?  Looking for stains and warping is easy to do and lets you see the condition of things you might very rarely look at.

What’s the traffic like?

There’s a reason why homes on cul-du-sacs are so popular: the lack of a through street means far less traffic than the average road. If the home you’re considering is located on a busy street, you’ll need to decide whether your interest in the house offsets the higher volume of traffic. A home’s value can certainly be affected by traffic or lack thereof, so keep this in mind while house shopping.

For more information contact Inspecta-Homes, one of the most trusted home inspection companies serving Minnesota and western Wisconsin.

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