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Indoors Home Maintenance Tips

Check all visible faucets, Valves & water pipes for leaks or corrosion. Fall
Check all waste pipes for leaks, be sure cleanout plug is securely in place. Fall
Check all toilets for leaks, loose bowl or tank, running water and proper operation. Fall
Check all fixture traps for leaks, rust or loose fittings. Fall
Flush floor drains with a pail of water. Fall
Clean or change filters in forced air furnaces. Write filter size on furnace for convenience. Monthly
Check humidifiers for leaks, clean or replace screen or sponge. Fall
Clean heat registers, check ducts for loose fittings or supports. Fall
Check hot water systems for leaks around boiler and pipe fittings, check east radiator for heat, Bleed radiators as needed. Fall
Have oil burners serviced annually. Fall
Check exposed flue pipes for rust and clearance to combustibles. Fall
Have pumps or fan motors lubricated according to manufactures recommendations. Fall
Know the location of the fuse box or the circuit breaking panel, label all circuits. Today
Have non-tamper type “S” fuses installed to prevent hazardous over fusing. Today
Check all lamp cords, extension cords and plugs. Replace worn items. Fall
Be sure closet lights are not close to flammable items. (clothing or plastics) Fall
Be sure recessed or enclosed fixtures have the correct size bulbs. Fall
Windows and Doors
Check weather stripping, doors and windows should fit correctly. Fall
Check window hold open devices (sash cords), replace if broken. Spring
Check window & door locks. (deadbolt locks with 1″ throw are best) Fall
Check for cracked panes, loose & missing putty or moisture damage. Fall
Check and clean weep holes in combination windows. (bottom edge of frame) Fall
Check louvers and vents for obstructions, keep them open all year. Fall
Check underside of roof for dampness or frost. Fall
Check rafters for sags and splits. Fall
Check depth of insulation, Increase is less than R-38 Fall
Home Safety and General Items
Check all stairs and treads for cracked or loose boards. Fall
Check railings and lights. Fall
Install smoke detectors within 15 feet of each bedroom. Check batteries annually. Today
Install carbon monoxide detector. Check batteries annually. Today
Check caulking around tubs, showers etc. Check tile joints. Check for water damage in all baths. Fall
If condensation on windows occurs frequently, reduce humidity, if condition persists check furnace vents and storm windows. Winter
Check ceilings in every room including closets for staining. Spring
Check operation of fireplace damper, check fire box and flue for creosote buildup. Contact chimney sweep if more than 1/8″ layer is present. Fall
Know the location of shut off valves or switches for water, electric, gas, heating plant, water heater & label each clearly. Tiday
Keep a file of operation instructions & warranties for mechanical equipment. Today
When preparing for “DO IT YOURSELF” projects, get complete information on the correct materials & installation. Check your city code requirements. As Needed
Buy and install at least one all purpose fire extinguisher. Today
Put child locator signs on children’s bedroom windows. (available from local fire department) Today