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We have many satisfied customers at Inspecta-Homes.

Below are some words from our previous clients. If you would like to leave a review for our Minnesota and Western Wisconsin Home Inspection company, visit our Yelp Business Listing or our Google+ Page to write a review. You can also read about our customer’s experience on Angie’s List.

Inspecta Homes is the FIRST inspection company that I recommend. I have been using them for almost 30 years. (Yikes!) I can say that all the inspectors I use are extremely knowledgeable, thorough, customer friendly, and professional. I like the fact that you can request a certain inspector that you think will "fit" your client. They are always on time and when done, review the completed inspection, answering buyers' or sellers' (in the case of a pre-list inspection) questions. I like that they give them a "punch list" of suggestions to do over the next years--without alarming them. All in all, I highly recommend this firm.

Karen B. Real Estate Agent

Greetings Paul! It was great to meet you! Thanks for allowing me to trail along and for the many, many insights you provided about our new home and how to maintain it going forward. I really appreciate your thoroughness, professionalism and how fast you got your report pulled together and sent to us.

Dean S. Home Buyer

I recently had a home inspection done. I felt the need to express the amount of satisfaction I got from the inspection. The inspector went far beyond my expectations. He stood up to his reputation. He will be highly recommended to my family and friends. Thanks so much.

Joe M. Home Buyer

I have been a REALTOR for almost 20 years. I took me a while to know that the best inspection company out there was the also the first. Once I used Inspecta Homes for an inspection I have not looked back. I have always been satisfied and would strongly recommend Inspecta Homes to any other agent as well as all of my clients. I have an 18 year relationship with them and have never been disappointed in the top notch service. They are always there to answer questions before, during and after inspections.

LeRoy B. Real Estate Agent

I want to thank the inspectors for being so helpful especially to three of my clients this year that were all first time female buyers on their own. It was very comforting that they were allowed and encouraged to ask any question. Thanks so much.

Adine Thoreen Keller Williams Premier Realty

I have used Inspecta-homes for 13 years. I have had a great relationship with your company. I always know you guys will help me out with a quick turn-around inspection. I know your men are very good at what they do and are not alarmists. They have saved my buyers, in many situations, both money and headaches. The inspectors are dependable and are ready to help the first time home buyers all the way to the last time home buyers. I am treated like an appreciated client from my first call to you, Shanna, to everyone of the inspectors and all the way to Jeff. You will continue to get my business.

James & Shelly D. Real Estate Agents

I have used Inspecta-Homes for over 20 years. They are the best. Well trained, informative, and easy to work with. They have enough qualified inspectors which makes it easy to get a time that will fit everyone’s schedule. If t here is a question or a problem they are willing to visit the property to help resolve it.

Dale H. Real Estate Agent

I have called upon Inspecta Homes to do Buyer Inspections and Homeowner Warranty Inspections and Truth in Housing Inspections for many years. Their service is always excellent, prompt, and friendly. They are among the oldest inspection company, and I knew their founder, Chuck Blixt, way back in the 1970's. They have carried on his tradition of excellent service with his son Jeff and a staff of skilled and careful inspectors. Call me for a recommendation.

Patrick S. Real Estate Agent

I have been using and recommending Inspecta-Homes for over 20 years. They are a company of professionals with the utmost integrity and knowledgeable in all aspects of residential inspections. They offer their clients a true and honest evaluation without alarming the buyer and are always available to answer any inspection questions for them and their agent. I highly recommend Inspecta-Homes.

Ed d. Real Estate Agent

I just want to let you know that I have used your company for, I'm going to guess, it's been close to 20 years. I have always received thorough, honest inspections, a fabulous office staff, and quick turnaround time on receiving reports along with total customer satisfaction. Occasionally, I will have a question for one of the inspectors and they are very quick to respond, and as you know, in our business that is very important. Keep up the great work and I'm pleased to hand out Inspecta-Homes name anytime that I can.

Mark A. Real Estate Agent

I feel compelled to write to Inspecta-Homes about the inspection I had scheduled for a home in Eden Prairie that I am interested in purchasing. I arrived at the home 5 minutes early as I approached the house I saw the inspector and the home owner having a discussion in the kitchen. I knocked and entered. I was greeted immediately by the inspector. He gave me his card, identified himself and was very friendly. The homeowner was explaining how he had a previous inspection that had left damage to his property. The seller wanted to follow us on the inspection. The inspector was calm and informative. Although the seller was insistent in accompanying us on the inspection, the inspector quickly explained that I had scheduled the inspection and the inspection was for me in a calm and collective manor. The inspector assured the seller that he would not harm any piece of the property. He made an uncomfortable situation comfortable for all parties.

Nick R. Home Buyer

Thanks for helping Allison and me with a home inspection the past October. You greatly improved our purchase experience and provided us everything we needed to make an informed decision. The inspector did us a great service, was very approachable and affable and gave us a great sense of where we were getting into. Confirmed out property choice was just where we wanted it to be –Structurally sound and with great fundamentals but minor issues where a little effort could make a large difference. You were recommended to us by a happy customer and we fully intend to do the same to our friends. Thanks again for the great service!

Jeff & Allison B. Home Buyers

In the twenty years I have been using Inspecta Homes, everything about them has been top notch! From the way the phone is answered "I can help you" to the professional, intelligent, trustworthy inspectors, I can give my clients a referral knowing I am placing them in good hands. I used to offer my clients several options but stopped years ago because they always picked Inspecta Homes. I don't attend inspections as I know my clients will not be scared off by minor points and I don't have to worry about losing a sale. This saves me time which is a valuable commodity these days. With their partnership with the warranty company they provide protection and education that is unparalleled in the field!

Sarah R. Real Estate Agent